PF20 Bikini Portable Filter

This specially engineered, self-contained filtration unit in installed on the built in skimmer and outlet jets. The built in filter element and light make this an all-round easy unit to install for any type of pool. The specially designed housing is made from high quality fiber glass and treated for UV and chemical protection for long lasting durability.


• Attractive slim and sporty design
• Best for pool renovation
• Easy to adapted and installed to any pool
• No pipe, avoid risk of coring process
• Built in LED light
• Swim jet can be added
• Automatic controller box

MODEL PF20 Bikini
Power (Hp) 1.25 (47/16)
Rate (m³/hr) 20
Precision of filtration 5 Micron
Pool Volume (m³) 70
Net Weight (kg) 60


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